There’s one in every town


(Above) Showgirls with Busby Berkeley (date unknown)

1. Songs with video slide shows featuring showgirls, models, and actresses

a. Doin’ the New Lowdown (McHugh/Fields)  – Lud Gluskin Orchestra, 1929

b. J’attendrai (Dino Olivieri)

1. Sung by Rina Ketty. Slides feature Louise Brooks – dancer, model, showgirl, silent film actress

2. Michael Jary m.s. Tanz-Orchester, refraingesang Rudi Schuricke – Komm zurück (J’attendrai) (Dino Olivieri), Odeon 1939

c. Hello Beautiful! (Donaldson) – Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensamble, vocal by Paul Small, “Hit Of The Week”, 1931

The following article is from

There is a really nice entry on the site, Allure about the actress Sally Eilers, who was very popular in the 1930s. We should be grateful that fabulous old movie blogs like Allure (check out my links for some others) have helped to bring her and many other long forgotten film stars back into the public eye. The entry in Eilers includes some great photos of her (I’ve borrowed one) as well as several variations of the movie poster art from the 1931 feature, Bad Girl. But my favorite example was not included so I’m posting it here. As you can certainly tell it is by our man Bolles. It’s a great pose and the almost lurid lettering, which is part of the painting and not typeset really ads some punch. Bolles also did a great job with Eiler’s likeness, something that didn’t always happen with his depictions of starlets on the covers of Film Fun.

It was just a couple years ago that I learned Bolles had done work for the movies. Since then only a handful of examples have turned up, but none later than Bad Girl. Let’s hope that there are others out there. Lots of them!

d. Madame Loulou – the provider says Harry Waldau’s valse-hesitation received in Polish a charming, witty text of one of the finest cabaret writers of the inter-war Poland, Konrad Tom. He tells us a heartbreaking story of Madame Loulou… – sung by Adam Aston, 1934

2. Dances

Leo Monosson recordings

a. Slow Foxtrot:  My Golden Baby (Paul Abraham, Alfred Grunwald, Beda) – Paul Godwin Orchester, 1931

b1. Waltz: In Paris, in Paris sind die Mädels so süß from the talkie Sous les toits de Paris, Orchester Dajos Béla, 1930

b2. Paul Godwin Tanz-Orchester, Refraingesang: Leo Monosson, Valse Boston aus dem Tonfilm:
“Unter den Dächern von Paris” Grammophon 1931

c. Rumba: Der Onkel Bumba aus Calumba

d. Foxtrot: Deux Dance Une Voiture, Deux Dance Une Auto – Orchester Ben Berlin. 1931

e. Spiel mir auf der Balalaika einen Russischen tango – Paul Godwin Orchester, 1932

More Tangos

1. Recording: Dajos Béla Tanzorchester mit refraingesang – Sie seh’n heut wieder reizend aus, Gnadige Frau (Willi Engel-Berger), Odeon 1929

2. I Kiss Your Hand, Madame – Whispering Jack Smith, c. 1928

3.  Donna Vatra, Paul Godwin Tanz-Orchester, 1928

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