Robert McGinnis

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Originator of the famous James Bond stance with Bond holding (yes, it’s true), a .22 marksman’s pistol (not McGinnis’ fault). Co-painted, with Frank McCarthy, a number of dramatic scenes for Thunderball, then Your Only Live Twice. Was solo artist for 007 for Diamonds Are Forever, Live And Let Die, and The Man With The Golden Gun. McGinnis was responsible for a wide range of movie art, from blaxploitation to westerns to comedies to Bond knock-offs. Arguably best known for paperback covers, usually with a tough-guy machismo of a man, his gun, and his gal (Mike Shayne, Shell Scott, and Milo March books). In the early 1960s he produced a series of purposely unsigned nudes for Cavalier magazine. — from


Saturday Evening Post, “Kitten On A Trampoline” (1961)


Poster for the movie Barbarella, 1968


Cavalier magazine, August , 1964




4 Responses to “Robert McGinnis”

  1. Good morning – I have an illustration done by Robert McGinnis that I would like to sell.
    It is a piece done for a Reader’s Digest book. I believe it was painted in teh 1960’s.
    Approx. size is 18.5″ x 14″.
    Watercolor on illustration board – scene depicts a woman in a rowboat on a lake – misty looking – and a grecian-style building on the land behind her. She is in a gown of some sort. This piece is not like the other images I see here on your website.
    Would you know of someone who collects his art and would be interested in it?
    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    send me a pic, and i’ll make an offer

  3. i have a beautiful piece called renee that i would like to sell due to downsizing—it is 30×22 and is beautifully framed as well–thanks,joyce

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